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DawnDark Fandaria's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
DawnDark Fandaria

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[23 Nov 2001|12:27pm]
It's about time I updated this journal! Here's the news-

1-I met Reinhart.
One word- Beautiful

2-I finaly received the full copy of Serenade:Path, and Serenade:Darkness Falling, and I heard that the full copy of Darkness Falling (Not Serenade: Darkness Faling, it's better)was coming out!

3-I lost most of my friends through unexpected circumstances, so now I have some new ones..... :'(

4-I'll be in the student exchange program with Reinhart this summer (Hopefuly!)

Yep, that's all. I'll start updating, so I wont need to do this again, k?

(Oh, and aparently I'm 100% evil.)

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[28 Oct 2001|10:47am]
Okay, I'll begin posting again.

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Serenade: Path [11 Jul 2001|08:55pm]
It came in! I got Serenade:Path today! My God, it's long! Around 500 pages! That's okay though, I spent the whole day reading it! It almost finished it :'(
I was so close!
Well, anyway, of course it wasn't as good as Darkness Falling (Because it didn't have Ramda in it!) but it's still a great book!
The story continues a month after Ramda's death, DawnDark keeps fighting, and thinks about what she could have done to help him. After a while the story gets really depressing because of this.
Fortunatly she doesn't have long to think about Ramda, as she's plunged into a series of battles designed to stall her in her mission.
That happens about one quarter of the way into the book, not very far.
But I would be giving away the plot if I said anything else.....
Tell me what you think!

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Microwave [09 Jul 2001|02:22pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I just went downstairs to eat a late luch. I popped a pop tart (It was all we had!!) into the microwave. But something was different. I pulled up a chair and sat in from of the microwave (With the door open) for about ten minutes with various micro-wavable thoughts going through my head.
Finaly I figured out what had happened. The microwave had *Gasp* been cleaned!
No longer were there brown food stains of the door, no longer did it smell like someone wanted to play a joke on the microwave's master by trying to cook barf ( One of the things that came to mind).
It was a fresh-smelling, new-looking, microwave.
It was cleaned!

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Serenade: Darkness Falling Ordering Information [07 Jul 2001|11:46pm]
47 People have asked for the odering information, and here you have it!
First of all, there have been roumors spearding that you can get it off of the internet. This is not true!! The only Serenade story you can get off of the internet is the wrong one! Unless it says 'Serenade: Darkness Falling' it's not the same Serenade.
It used to be that you could download the game off of the internet, but it was taken off some time ago, now, just like the novel, you can only order it.
There is A website that you can order it from, butit's currently down for maintnence (Sucks, huh?)
The only way you can order it is if you e-mail SaturnKou@aol.com asking about ordering information.
This aol screen anme is sharec by Reinhart, my brother, and a few friends of mine. They each have a different password, don't worry about the e-mail gettnig to the right person though, it will.

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Standing Alone [07 Jul 2001|10:21pm]
Laying here
Standing here
Aura surrounding me
Where are you?

I cried the day
I couldn't see you
In your heart you know
I only fight for you
It's always been that way

You're standing here
You're fighting here
Always the same
I want to see you!

I died the day
You wern't there with me
In my heart, my love
Will always grow
I've never felt this way

Why is this happening?!
Not to me, please no.
Dreaming of you, it hurts
With pain, don't let me
Stand alone

Laying here
Fighting here
Sword drawn for you
Always the same

Diying here
Standing here
Where are you?
You promised me
I wouldn't be alone

- Ramda's song to DawnDark
| He sang it right bofore he went into his last battle|

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[07 Jul 2001|10:12pm]
I did a major update on my journal! It looks so kawaii, you have to admit. Reinhart promised to send me a tape of his Rurouni Kenshin movie as soon as he's done watching it, I can't wait!
Until then, I think I'll just waste my time by writing Ramda and DawnDark fanfic! ^_^


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Icons and Serenade [07 Jul 2001|10:12am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I got new livejournal icons!!
Kawaii, ne! I love Rurouni Kenshin!
I've been having a good day!! I ordered the second book in the Serenade series! Yea! There are four books, two are about DawnDark and Ramda (In my opinion) and two take place 300 years after their battles in the War of the Apostles. I havn't gotten it yet, but I ca't wait! It's suppossed to come any day now!!
I'll post the ordering info later.
Unless you're a member of Serenade you can only order the first three parts of the first story (If you want to order the whole 'book-form' novel you'll have to wait a wek or two.)
As I said before, I'll post more information later.


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I feel bad... Well, not really [06 Jul 2001|11:20pm]
I stole my new background from StarChild's Bakuretsu Hunter website. It's awsome, though, isn't it?
I would thank StarChild... but alas they'll only let friends post in their journal. *Start's crying*
I feel like a theif (Well.... Not really....)

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Mage_fire [06 Jul 2001|01:42pm]
I joined a new community! Reinhart asked me to join!

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Update! [05 Jul 2001|01:07pm]
Okay, I've noticed that I havn't been posting latly (I'll try and work on that)

here's the news-

Crydal and I are still best friends.
I broke up with night
Goldark's not gay, just a homosexual
Gyzzdark and Crydal are still dating.

Ahh, gomen! I'm in a hurry, I promise to update ore often though.
(BTW_ I got the screen anem from the last person who had this lj... I'm still DawnDark-chan though... Don't worry)
I'll write more tommorrow.

(Oh and Reinhart I don't update my outline because I'm LAZY...lol)


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[05 May 2001|12:28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Goldark, Night and I went to the booksstore yesterday, this is what happened.

We walked inside of 'Books R Us' (O.K, that's not the real name of the store, but..) and the first thing I saw was Crydal.
She was in the check out line about to buy some weird Fantasy book, I thinks it was called 'Shades Children' (Note- That story made my cry...)
I waved to her, and she got waved back, but while waving she stepped forward, but I guess the person behind her thought she was getting out of line, because she took her spot and wouldn't let Crydal get back in front of her.
I was pretty pissed off at the rude woman. (Night thought it was funny for some weird reason, as did Goldark.)
So after Crydal gave the woman the finger we walked off to look at books.
I got 3 manga and 2 cds, Crydal kept complaining about the woman, goldark kept tewlling everyone about his new boyfriend, and how he's nothing like Baka, and Night seemed to be in deep thought.
Needless to say we had a very intresting time at the bookstore. Our trip became very intresting when Crydal began telling everyone about her immaginary Cat named Mittens.
She said mittens traveled the world, and right now she was in Kansas. She said to see Mittens again she had to read a recipe outloud from the place Mittens was in. Crydal has an...odd...imagination....

Yahhh! Gyzzdark just said Crydal's here! Bye bye! (I'm going to go camping with Crydal, Gyzzdark, Night, and Magi this weekend!)



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RayEarth [30 Apr 2001|04:09pm]
I watched the whole first series of Magic Knight RayEarth last night with Night.
I sat down and stared at the TV for around 10 hours, watching it. The first 15 or so episodes were great, but after watching that much anime all in a row you get kind of sick of it.

Anyway, it was a great series with a really sad ending you wouldn't excpect from a series that seems all happy-go-lucky at first.
I'm not going to ruin the ending for people that havn't seen, it, but lets just say it's really really depressing. Just depressing. I wasn't even happy when I saw the Magic Knights go home, I was just too damn depressed.

By the way, after watching all of that anime you start to see similarities about it.
1-Is it just me, or does Hikaru remind you of Seiya Kou?
2- Doesn't it seem odd that there are three StarLights and tree Magic Knights, and they all seem to share a common pesonality?
3-Isn't it odd that my favorite charecter (Clef) got turned into stone within the first 25 minutes of the first episode? I thought that really sucked. (That's not a similarity but....)

Scary, hu?
I thought so.
Well, Ja ne for now


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Utena [28 Apr 2001|11:01am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Later today I'm going to watch the Utena movie with Night. It'l be fun! I can't wait!

Somehow I ge the imprssion he doesn't reallt like Crydal though. Maybe I'm reading between the lines to much when I think this, or maybe it's because I founds this in his live jounrnal-

"It's not exactly romantic, but hey, there's no Magi to spoil the evning with his loud obnixious jokes, or Crydal to run around in little circles acting like an airplane."

I'm not mad at him, but I'm sad, because I had no idea he felt that way. But, like Goldark always says,

"There are too many depressed people in this world, and we don't need one more!"

Or was it-

"There are to many idiots in this world and we don't need one more"

I've had a tough day today,
I got up at 8:00 to go to the mall with Crydal, but when we got there i relized I had forgotten my wallet, so I went back home with her to find it, then we got to the mall again only to relize that Crydal had forgotten her wallet, so we went to her house to get it. The we went to the mall yet again, only to relize that I'd left my wallet at Crydal's house.
It goes on....

It's not that I've become forgetful, it's just that today I've really... well .... become forgetful.
I'm not usualy like this though....

I can't wait until tonight! (Utena!!!)



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Dreams [27 Apr 2001|03:18pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Around a week ago I had an odd dream about Yaten and Ghaleon.

It was a cold dark night. I could see clouds swirl around me. I was on the magical city of Vane.
Little rain drops began falling out of the sky, and I tried to run into a nearby building to get out of the way. But I couldn't move. HThe clouds turned black and red, and the dark colors swirled around me.
I could feel the aitr being sucked out of my lungs, and I tried to gasp, but I couldn't, I was totaly immobile. Now I was panicked.
Finaly the colors dissapeared, but there was only darkness around me. I wasn't able to move, but my breathing was fine now.
That's when I heard a slightly nasel voice.
"Ghaleon..." I whispered, as the magic emperor Ghaleon appeared in front of me.
I began to get dizy, I felt as if I could no longer breathe. The darkness felt as if it were desending on me.
Yaten appeared near me. He picked me up and held me for a momment.
I could feel Ghaleon watching me.
Then the swirlling red and black colors returned as I woke up.



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[27 Apr 2001|03:01pm]
Bleh, I'm so bored. Mom and Dad are only letting me have an hour on the internet every day or so, personly I really don't like it. So now I wont be able to update my lj as often.
Sucks, hu?

Oh well, I'm going to talk about my dream later today as I promised, but right now I just want to say that right now I'm really really happy!! ^_^ In school we watched a movie all day for no particulair reason. It was fun! (Well of couse...)

Not only that, but Night Star baught me a tiny teddy bear! It's so cute!
Night is so nice. :)
Gyzzdark and Goldark seem to like him as well, Gyzzdark even shares the same AIM screen name as him. (AIM- SaturnKou)I'm glad everyone seems to like him.
Tomorow we're (Night, Crydal, MiHikari and myself) going to book club again. We're discusing
Yume Fushigi. It's about a girl, and how she see's odd things happening in the rain. It's a Fantasy/Mystery type book.

Dang, I have to go, my internet time just ran out..



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Grounded [10 Apr 2001|09:09pm]
Well, my parents saw my report card today. Lets just say I was barely able to escape being groundedl. I was lucky. Very lucky.
Here's the news-

1-Night asked me out a week ago when we were at the library. Since I've always had a crush on the bishounen I said yes! ^_^

2-Not only that, but Gyzzdark and Crydal are going out again. They had a fight, but they made up quickly.

3-I had an odd dream about Yaten and Ghaleon last night... It was disterbing. I'll write more about it later.

4-I finaly beat Lunar today!!! I'm soooo happy!

Well, that's all for taday!
Ja Ne!


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Night Star [03 Apr 2001|06:52pm]
O.K, my friend Night Star just made a live journal, his screen name is Yaten_Kou (His neopets screen name is Healer_yaten)
I think he has a crush on me. But I wonder why he doesn't just come out and say it? We've been friends for years. Guys are so weird.
I just finished uploading all of my new banners for my websites. It was rather boring. O.K, not rather boring, just plain boring. But I have nothing better to do.
Yesterday I finaly beat the bronze dogs on Lunar. I've gotten past my battle with Tempest, and now I'm trying to get to the black dragon so I can become dragon master! I can't wait until I beat the game, I've been on the 2nd disc for a while now, and it's time I moved on!
(By the way- Baka appologized to Goldark, but Goldark didn't accept his appolagy, good for him! I'm proud if my brother!!)

We got our memory books in school today, and when I got mine I looked inside. In our memory books we have catagories, here are some of them-
1-Cutiest Face
2-Most stylish
3-Nicest eyes
4-Weirdest name
5-Class casanova
6-Cutest couple

Here's what each catagory got-
1-Shaina (I hate her guts)
2-Crydal (I wasn't expecting this....)
3-Night Star (I REALLY wasn't excpecting this...)
4-Fandaria (Welll duh)
5-Orchin (Shaina's brother)
6-Night Star and DawnDark!!?? (whaaa??!!!)

oh well, ja ne for now!


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What a busy day [03 Apr 2001|02:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

What's Up?! As we exchange glances
Why not entrust our fate to this strange wind?!
Get Up! Look into the future!
We all have to make our selfish dreams come true!

Surly you don't know
That all this scouting I'm doing is an act
So please don't shed any more tears
That's my favorite energy

You make me wonder all the time
If my heart will never stop pounding like this
All fired up I go running out
Because I know that you'll always be mine!

What's up?! We have to start from zero!
Put these dreams away, turn them into memories
Make up! Reality is just too convincing!!
Because the mirror shows a town that knows no sleep!

-What's Up Guy's ~ Sorcerer Hunters

Well that was the song, cool, ne?
It has a great rythem. Crydal and I were singing it as we road the bus to my house. (Crydal came over to work on a project)
I think Goldark and Baka broke up! Goldark's been sulking around the house for hours. Not only that but... Baka asked
Craydal and myself out!!!! What the hell was he thinking??!!! The little bastard! How dare he even think that we would go out with him! Exspecialy both of us!!! Well, now at least we know his bi-sexual, *sigh* oh well, poor Goldark. Gyzzdark's rather happy, though he tries to hid it in front of Goldark.(Gyzzdark didn't like his brother going out with Baka/Kakaru) I think that's mean.
I have a very intresting life. Very intresting...

Goldark will find someone better suited for him anyway.

On a different topic. Crydal and my friend MiHikari is picking us up tomorow to go to a book club. I really don't know what book we're reading though. Then on friday we're going to the lybrary to study together after school. It'll be fun. (*gag* studing...fun...)
By the way- Yes my name is DawnDark Fandaria. I'm sorry to be mean, but screw all who think otherwise. My family's not Japanese, duh.

Whoa, I'm not in a good mood today


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[02 Apr 2001|03:37pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

"Everything is made from the reality of Dreams"
I love that quote! Later today I'm going to post the lyrics to the Sorcerer Hunters theme. I love that song! Strangly it's called "What's Up Guys?". It's sooo cool! I love the last two verses-

Make Up!
Reality is just to convincing,
Because the mirror shows
a town that knows no sleep!

Cool, hu? Gyzzdark liked it too. He smiled when he heard it, and he hasn't smiled ever since he heard about Goldark.
See ya!


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